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We are a charity that doesn’t believe in charity.

So we created a new way of giving.

We believe in driving social change while delivering maximum ROI - Return on Impact.

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Our charity is different

More than a donation match program, we collaborate with you, your employees and our community partners to:

Maximize every dollar spent

• Increase employee engagement 

• Deliver full transparency 

Here's how it works

Donation Made

Your organization makes a donation and we provide a tax receipt for the funds you give.


SDG Giveback

Your employees engage to identify which SDGs are most meaningful to them and the top 3 chosen will receive $500,000, $350,000 and $150,000 respectively.


Children Fed

We manufacturer and distribute meals equal to the dollar value of your donation.


$1,000,000 given = 1,000,000 meals made and distributed to children in need.



You receive notice of meals delivered, and thank you notes for receipt of funds by the SDG programs chosen through the Social Impact Challenge.


Social Impact Challenge

We initiate an Employee Engagement program where your teams work together to complete challenges around the SDGs they are most passionate about.



1,000,000 meals delivered


$1,000,000 in funds allocated to the top 3 SDGs


Employee engagement rises

ROI - Return on IMPACT

Frequently Asked Questions

Why give to Recycled Giving?

We believe that giving should be more that a one-way transaction. When we collaborate with other communities, we can compound our efforts to make a greater impact, which is how we've built our model. In addition, we are a fully registered charity and can issue a tax receipt in addition to providing full transparency on how your money is being spent.

How do you provide full transparency?

Every dollar spent is reported in terms of meals delivered and programs funded. Impact measurement is key to our program and those who give will receive a notice when the dollars given have achieved their impact.

How is this possible?

Recycled giving Inc treats every dollar like a seed of a mighty and powerful giving tree. Unlike other charities, at RGI we plant your seeds to grow into trees that continue to give back month after month.

Why hasn't this been done before?

The RGI model relies on 2 resources that simply haven’t been around for that long: the internet and social media influencers. Together these 2 can create impact that keeps on giving by tapping into the power of online and in-person communities. The business world can be slow to change, so while we may be the first, we are certain we would not be the last and that we are initiating a new era of charity impact.

Recycled Giving is an internal nonprofit project of The Giving Back Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. | EIN: 04-3367888.

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